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African Voices Must be at the Centre of African Dubbing

he stars were shining bright. Angalia hizo nyota zote! Look at all those stars!

I told my cousin Omari. He only gazed at them momentarily before his eyes shifted back to the massive images in front of us.

The Incredible Power of Remote Simultaneous Swahili Christian Interpretation

Justin Welby is in the same age group as my mother. This means that he is a baby boomer, that generation that came of age in the volatile sixties.

The Business Opportunities that are Hiding in Localization

Johnnie Walker, the Scotch whisky that originated from Scotland has told us for decades to ‘Keep Walking.’ As it filled our consciousness with this powerful slogan, Nike the iconic American footwear Firm urged us to ‘Just do it.’

Absorbing the culture of African Languages

he time was 2 AM. I turned on the ignition key of Languages Africa’s Mitsubishi Double Cab L200 and we drove off from our Nairobi Headquarters Office.

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